Home of the $4.19 12-pack!

We are excited to be opening for the season on April 25!

This year we are offering over 65 new items that we did not have last season. From Alyssum to Zinnia  we're sure to have something new that interests everyone that comes to visit us this season. Here is a short list of our new offerings that we will have this spring:  

    Bacopa Scopia Double Snowball
    Bidens Beedance Redstripe
    Bidens Beedance Painted
    Coleus Flame Thrower Chipotle
    Coleus Flame Thrower Spiced Currey
    Coleus Pandora
    Euphorbia - Stardust Pink Pandora
    Herb Mint Mojito
    Hibiscus Little Zen
    Ipomoea Solar Power Lime
    Lantana Evita Citrus
    Lantana Evita Pink
    Lantana Evita Rose
    Lantana Evita Yellow
    Lantana Evita White
    Osteospermum 4D Lemon Ice
    Osteospermum 4D Purple
    Osteospermum 4D Silver
    Osteospermum 4D Yellow
    Osteo Summertime Pink Charm
    Petunia Crazytunia Star Jubilee
    Petunia Crazytunia Terra Cotta
    Petunia Cascadia Indian Summer
    Petunia Potunia Blueberry Muffin
    Petunia Easy Wave Yellow
    Verbena Wicked Cool Purple
    Verbena Wicked Hot Pink
    Verbena Wicked Rad Red
    Verbena Empress Flair Cherry
    Verbena Empress Flair Red
    Verbena Empress Flair Violet Blue
    Verbena Empress Flair White