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Spring will still come despite circumstances. The promise of beauty and green won’t be deterred.

Dear Green Valley Garden Centre friend,

Many people who have visited our greenhouse in the last few days ask the same question when their eyes scan the greenhouse as they enter… “where are all the plants?” In an unprecedented climate of appreciation for the importance of gardening, many new gardeners decided to try home agriculture this year, some people who haven’t gardened for years now have the time and decided to put in plants, and others have expressed that they want to spend time in their yard this summer and are interested in making it extra beautiful. In short… despite planting significantly more than ever before and maintaining our everyday low prices, we have sold out of plants extremely early this year.

We will be closing at 5:00 on May 30. While there are mixed emotions and we are kind of shocked to be closing a month early, our biggest feeling is one of gratitude for the support from fellow gardeners, for your kindness to us, our kids, and others during your visits, for the new things we have learned, and for the new greenhouse friends that we have made.

Just like other years after we close, we still have perennials, trees, shrubs, and garden care products (examples: bug powder, tree guards, soil – once it comes in) available. Please check the website online store for availability and call to arrange an appointment before you come if you need any of these things.

We often joke on people’s last spring visit to the greenhouse… have a great summer, Merry Christmas, have a good winter, and we’ll SEE YOU IN SPRING!

Blessings to you as you garden and benefit from the beauty and bounty of your plants this summer! We will be thinking of you as we garden too.

With thankfulness,

Carrie and Sheldon Enns (and our kids too)

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